Careers with UD photography

We are a young, fun and passionate bunch of photographers and cinematographers. We come from a “deliver projects and meet deadlines” oriented field, yes you guessed it right! The IT and Corporate sector. We were the odd souls who desired creativity at work and loved to make art. So why not put the trainings to deliver the best that we do. Ditching our regular 9-5 routine , we took to working as wedding photographers full time! We yearn to make something new everyday, while managing to keep the fun alive in our lives. We appreciate individual creativity and encourage out-of-the-box thinking. If you think , you can work passionately with clients, have a bright smile on your face all day for the positive vibes, and have fun all the way doing it, we are looking for you! Oh, did we also tell you, we just love our food and coffee. If you have got a nack for either of them, we would love to have a conversation while taking a sip at it 😀

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