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Two beautiful souls vow their love for each other in a Delhi wedding

When two people in love come together, magic happens. And what’s not to love about capturing the journey of those beautiful souls?

Vasvi and Puneet’s story began in college, where they met each other as strangers, became acquaintances and then friends. Puneet was mesmerised by Vasvi since the first time he saw her. Soon after he knew that Vasvi is the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. For him, there was no going back. His love and care for her over the years made Vasvi realise that she too loved him and wanted him as her life partner. And their families were only too happy to unite the two lovebirds.

We shot their pre-wedding at the Park Hyatt in Goa. It was great to spend some time getting to know the two. We had a fun and relaxed shoot on the beach before the hustle-bustle of their wedding preparations began. Vasvi is the kind of girl that you can’t help but like and Puneet is an absolute gentleman. Shooting their wedding was so comfortable for us as both Vasvi and Puneet’s families are great hosts. Their four-day wedding was an intimate affair with loads of laughter and tears.

Vasvi and Puneet had two beautiful wedding ceremonies in Delhi – Hindu-style pheras followed by a Sikh wedding. The Hindu wedding happened at Shagun Farms while the Sikh wedding took place at the beautiful Gurudwara Pahariwala in Greater Kailash. The grand wedding celebrations continued for four days with haldimehendi and sangeetfunctions. Being the beloved of the family, Vasvi’s bidaai had everybody (including us!) crying their eyes out.

Here are some of our favourite moments from their wedding.

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